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About Luxembourg

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Luxembourg at a glance

Official designation - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Capital - Luxembourg
National day - 23 June
Currency - Euro


Geographical coordinates
Latitude 49° 37’ North and longitude 6° 08’ East


2,586 km2, of which 85.5% is farmland or forest (2011)

Neighbouring countries

Belgium, Germany, France


Luxembourg enjoys a temperate climate. Annual average temperatures range from -2.6° C (average minimum value) to 21.6° C (average maximum value) (1981-2010).


Administrative division

• 3 districts (Luxembourg, Diekirch, Grevenmacher)
• 12 cantons (Capellen, Clervaux, Diekirch, Echternach, Esch-sur-Alzette, Grevenmacher, Luxembourg, Mersch, Redange-sur-Attert, Remich, Vianden, Wiltz)
• 106 municipalities
• 4 electoral constituencies (South, East, Centre, North)


Total population
524,900 inhabitants, including 229,900 foreign residents representing 43.8% of the total population (January 2012)

Most densely populated towns

Luxembourg (99,900 inhabitants)
Esch-sur-Alzette (30,900 inhabitants)
Differdange (22,300 inhabitants)
(January 2012)


National language

Administrative languages

French, German, Lëtzebuergesch

Political system

Form of government
Parliamentary democracy within the framework of a constitutional monarchy

Head of state

HRH Grand Duke Henri
(acceded to the throne on 7 October 2000)
Useful addresses

Office national du tourisme

(National Tourist Office)
B.P. 1001
L-1010 Luxembourg
Tel.: (+352) 42 82 82 10